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hi. greetings. salutations. bonjour. ni hao. whatever

i'm reon, and this is my little shithole. well at least thats a username i use. if you were looking for a name to call me aside from my screenname i really have no idea. go look up a random name generator and see what you think fits.

this site exists as a space for whatever the hell i want it to have. it's my dumping ground of sorts. mostly rambles and photos. this site is not actively updated - my motivation for lots of things come in bursts, so it's probably lucky that any of this was made in the first place.

i probably know too much about random niche shit. it started with computers and spiraled out from there. like there was a time in my life where if you asked me what brand of fire alarm was on the wall i could probably identifty it. honestly i probably still could. it was the same with tornado sirens too. and elevators. i dont know why i got into all of that but it sort of turned me into a walking enclyclopedia of god knows what. you never really fully forget that shit.

i love doing things with photos and capturing the world around me. sometimes its pretty. sometimes i open an editor and try to make something cool with the pretty. and sometimes its scuffed. i just treasure a lot of my memories. photography helps with that. i'm far from the best photographer, but i want to keep going and become better. albeit im not gonna delete a shitty picture because its shitty. that shit can still be beautiful.

recently, ive been checking out more music. i never really listened to music that much until i got myself a spotify account (lmao) and ever since then i'll die if i lose my earbuds. i wouldn't really consider myself as much of a music nerd but i just find stuff i like and roll with it.

i used to be bigger on other shit like anime and games and whatnot but i dont really have the drive to finish anything anymore save for every once in a while. although for whatever reason i still binge the occasional manga sometimes. it isnt much tbh (most media tends to drain me) but its still notably more then anything else i ever look into. maybe i just enjoy reading more.

if you want to reach out or say hi, you can email me. maybe i'll add something like a guestbook someday.

bonus: the obligatory "why neocities/why a personal site" rant. it's a big chunk so i've put it under a dropdown.

click here to read it lol.

the webdev aspect of neocities is what draws me to it the most as a "social media" site of sorts. i've always liked the innate flexibility you get by having a homepage. i've had a personal site of sorts on and off, starting with blogger in the early 2010s and then moving to stuff i wrote myself. my first "homegrown" personal site of sorts was made around june of 2017 but i had no sense of direction as to where i wanted to go with it. over the years i've done on and off revisions with the intention of selfhosting the site instead of turning to any sort of existing webhost. i never did that, but then i found neocities around mid 2021 and stuck with it. the slightly social aspect was the motivator for me to start maintaing a homepage as i love seeing what other people get up to here. for some reason i also feel less of an obligation for me to develop an audience here, even though i do welcome the people who do check out my page every once in a while. some social media platforms almost encourage you to overshare daily because algorithms and engagement and ooh your friends are doing this and that you gotta show people what youre up to you have to post!
i don't really have the want to get seen by people or picked up by an algorithm or anything - i'm just kind of here, blogging into the abyss. if i do post something, it's probably longform, and that's pretty much incompatible with almost every popular social platform. i basically have no reason to not have a personal site.
maintaining this place also gives me an excuse to brush up on html/css/fuck all skills that i've dabbled in over the years.

though i still check up on twitter. theres cool art on there. kinda rots the brain though. i might be addicted.

random image tee hee (enable scripts)

here's a random image. it changes on every reload.

totally not me.

name think of a cool one
age adult that can't legally drink (usa moment)
pronouns i really don't care
appearance 2% swag
stuff i like photography, listening to music, abandoned places, random technology, computer tinkering, rhythm games, my flip phone
favorite albums yuragi - nightlife
part time - return to cherry
my dead girlfriend - ixtab
loving - if i am only my thoughts
sweet trip - velocity:design:comfort
favorite manga sasaki and miyano
am i gay quiz results yeah probably
zodiac sign ...
hotel trivago
contact ue7@protonmail.com
neocities site profile https://neocities.org/
what do you even put in an about me