hi. this is just my place to scream into the internet.
here you'll find my random thoughts/writeups/idk or my photography or whatever else i decide to make a page for and slap onto the net.

updates and additions will be pretty erratic and basically whenever i feel like it

expect some broken/weird stuff sometimes i dont really know what im doing. this shit is held together by duct tape.

my junk

to show off me.


for things i like.

as of me typing this these are either nearly done but unpublished or just not done. i don't know when (or if) i'll ever put these up.

other resources, links, whatever else i can fit here...

here's the dumping grounds

latest blog post

2022-8-3: my recent phone journey, and a little unihertz jelly 2 review (i long for a flip phone with apps, but this will probably suffice)

message of the day...month...year? idfk

i have this turned off for now so hi to whoever digs through the source code for this
as of 5-14-22

random image

random image tee hee (enable scripts)

i had this stupid image thing on my old website im not
letting it go to waste

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