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machine girl plus alice gas plus johnnascus concert blogpost

i still havent really processed it im just gonna write some stuff

17 january 2022 •  personal 

yeah i found myself at another concert. my 2nd one so far. i ended up buying the tickets to these a few months ago after randomly googling to see if machine girl was performing in texas. and then all of my friends proceeded to buy tickets after i sent the link to it lol.

the venue for this one was tulips in fort worth. more on the smaller side compared to the last venue i went to, but still enough room for a good time. i also boughg a hatsune miku cosplay last minute to wear to the concert because why not lmao. people were like “omg its miku” and i’m sure that made someone’s night lol

first performer was alice gas. i guess it’s not too odd they had her on considering shes based in texas (i think). i think she played some shit from her newest album plus some other stuff i didnt recognize. i havent listened to all of her discography but shit was still pretty good. i think if anything i wish i was in the mosh for this lol. this was my second time seeing her live, the first being at the gecs concert…. pretty much the same experience lol. i don’t think you can really go wrong with happy hardcore in general. it’s just plain fun. i would happily destroy my legs to it again

next up was johnnascus. i’d never heard of them until that concert but holy shit they were pretty damn good. this dude had some fucking insane stage energy. incredibly intense screams and drumming, plus the added benefit of enough moshing to make you almost fall down. like man i still cant get over their screams. that shit was awesome. one of my friends checked out some of their songs after and he sent me one that they actually played at the concert (shoot up the amazon warehouse), albeit during the live performance they had autotune on for the first part of it and it confused the shit out of me. tbh i liked it so much better without the autotune. i also ended up checking a bit more of his discography after that and jesus christ its a fucking fever dream. not everyones cup of tea but i dig most of it. a bit on the edgier side for some stuff (i clicked on “god is being raped” and the first thing i hear is “jesus christ i want to cum in your asshole” - i think my brain shut down for a bit after that), but most of it still has that sweet energy that i got from the concert. i liked the amazon one

finally, machine girl. lived up to the hype, at least for me. i think he played some shit from his newest albums but you could hear some stuff from his older work slapped into there sometimes (i remember him playing the intro to ghost and some other stuff from wlfgrl before he and his drummer went insane for the like 120391209380th time lol). i think at this point i couldn’t escape the mosh even if i wanted to. during the other performers, there was this tiny little space near the wall where people were just standing, but now the dude was coming up to the edge of the stage to give people high fives and shit. everyone would lurch forward so you were basically trapped in between a sweaty ass crowd of machine girl fans in stereotypical goth/scene outfits lmao. i think he even crowd surfed at one point but i couldn’t tell (i heard about it from friends).
also him and his drummer took like a 3 minute break and came back out with fucking cowboy hats and if that isn’t the most “how others perceive texas” shit ive ever seen then i dont know what is

overall fun as fuck. kind of glad i managed to get near the front, since apparently some guy near the middle/back puked in the pit. only con of being so far in the front though was that the bass almost made me feel like i was going to have a heart attack at times… that shit coursed through your entire body.
i still cant decide if i like this or the 100 gecs concert more. i think i like gecs more for the like just plain fun aspect but this one had this like incredible intensity (moreso then gecs) that just made it incredibly fun in its own way. i think i can call a draw. i probably can

idk why but the entire concept of machine girl pants is so fucking funny to me

p.s. whoever airdropped fat fetish porn at the concert i hope you go to hell someday