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i (finally) bought an ipod

theyre pretty cool i guess

28 december 2021 •  technology 

when it comes to music i usually use streaming services or i just listen to my local collection, but my music folder eats up a fuck ton of space and my phone has no storage because i can’t let go of all the junk (mostly old photos) on it. plus my phone carrier has a really shit data limit (unlimited my ass) and i don’t want to burn through that. plus it’s nice to be able to listen to music without my texts and discord messages begging me for their undivided attention.

enter this fuckin thing i found for 30 bucks on ebay.

been wanting a new mp3 player for a few years now, and i finally found a good deal. my last mp3 player was a sansa clip+ so this was definitely an upgrade lmao. it’s a 2nd gen ipod mini and its fucking pink and i love pink

it was kind of an impulse buy since i tend to do a lot of window shopping on ebay but yeah. ipod minis are surprisingly cheap on ebay compared to other ipods, and i got this one for 30 dollars. they’re also really easy to modify with flash storage, so that’s what i ended up doing

the only thing that really annoys me is that i have to convert whatever i want to put on here to fucking apple lossless since most of the stuff i have is flac. apple sure does love using their own shit that no one else but them bothers with. the music app on macos still doesn’t even work with flacs like wtf

i would install an alternative software like rockbox just to get flacs and song transfers without itunes but from what ive read the battery sucks more with rockbox AND my specific sd card adapter is finicky/nonfunctional with rockbox. oh well. if anything this is probably what i get for impulse buying everything. at least it’s pink

basically mp3 players are nice. maybe i’ll pick up another one. or not. idk i hoard too much shit i could probably make an entire other post just showing the shit ive hoarded

update 2023-9-9: it's dead. i don't even know how. i'll probably have to pick up either a new battery or a new motherboard or something. at least it was cheap...i really want to start using it again.