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you know what? i still dont get audiophile shit.

like, i get being into that stuff when youre a professional working in that kinda field, but as just A Casual Ish Music Guy i still can't find a discernable listening experience with the stuff i have. or maybe the stuff i have isnt good enough? i have no idea. i dont wanna go broke to find out.

my current audio setup is hifiman he400se headphones hooked up to a schlit magni amp which is hooked into a usb c to 3.5mm dongle that came with my google pixel. with that i still cant tell *as* much of a difference from, say my audio technica ath m50xs that i got like 5 years ago and beat into the ground (all of the fake leather fell off the earpads and the headband). well actually thats a lie, i kinda can. i mean my current setup is bit more detailed, and feels a bit more balanced (i think thats the term), but its still not enough to wow me more then it did when i first got the headphones. i just get used to it and everything feels the same. whats the fun in that?

at least the headphones look kinda neat

i still want to keep working towards this goal of my listening experience eventually being so beautiful it makes me cry but im not there yet. and honestly? i dont know if i will be. do my ears need to be trained or something? do i need a new expensive dac? or amp? do i need to completely legally download all my music in 24 bit flac instead of 16 bit even though it just ends up sounding the same to me? i really dont know. i guess a lot of this is subjective and up to preference too. doesnt make it any easier to figure out shit

i mean all hobbies come with a learning curve i guess but MAN i do not want to fry my brain doing even more research and then sell my kidneys just to get some nice equipment. or maybe im just expecting too much?

if any audio guys see this, 1) sorry lmao 2) if you *do* have any tips on how to make my listening experience better lmk i guess lol